It's unavoidable that...

Yours truly. Sipping Argentinian yerba mate.

...when you have to write about yourself, you either end up as a self-centered egotistical maniac, or as someone who is desperate to get attention. I will try my best to not be neither here. My name is Alberto González, but you can just call me Beto. It is shorter to memorize and it is more fun anyway.

So, I am on my early thirties (next question, please!), drive a late 80's car, still single by the whims of fortune, have a basset hound as a pet, draw cartoon sketches, have a bent for high-end audio and audiophile stuff and collect cartoon figurines, vinyl records, animated films and memorabilia when I'm not slaving to the grind at work. I use both Macs and PCs on a daily basis, but I still resist to the idea of putting a PC in my house.

I always have had a passion for animation. When I was younger I yearned to become a traditional key animator "like those guys at Disney". Once I discovered I needed $20.000 a year to study such a career, "Plan B" had to be done - my first contact with the web was in late 1995, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. By that time Netscape was king and having a 28.8 modem at home made you one of the chosen few.

I am a VP of Research and Development at an specialized company focused on user-centered design and experience, web usability and information architecture. Prior to that I worked for many years -almost 10, actually- as a web developer and designer for lots of companies, many of which did not survive the dotcom boom so there are no links here. However, many samples of all these years can be seen on my Work portfolio. I also had the chance to attend various web-related events overseas and got to know lots of interesting people in the field. Starting in 2001, my interest in web design has leaned towards the web standards -compatible end of the spectrum, which I think it just makes sense in this post-boom day and age, when companies expect tangible results and people demand sites that actually work for them and deliver what they want.

Prospective employers and people wishing to know the formal side of these years of experience can take a look at my Résume, in either English or Spanish.

So there you have it - more info than most would care to know about me, actually. Not enough for you? You can always Drop me a line, or browse through the day-to-day Notebook posts.

Thanks for coming, and hope you to visit again soon. Things are always changing around here.

Extra Special Thanks

To my mother, for putting up with all my ups and downs for all these years.

To José Venegas for graciously providing permission to use some of his photos on this site.

And to "The Man Upstairs" which makes anything and everything possible.

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